Lunch and Dinner Menu is available for Takeout Only. 
Mon-Tues 11AM-1:30PM / Wed 11AM-7PM / Thur-Fri 4PM-7PM

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Pino Alto Restaurant and Catering is operated by classes that are part of the Cabrillo College Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management program. Students operate a full service restaurant for both lunch and dinner as well as a catering operation. Due to the pandemic and restrictions on public access to facilities on campus, the restaurant has pivoted to a source of both high quality take out food, and a source of foods intended for our customers to take home and reheat, or assemble at home at their leisure.  By being a patron of Pino Alto you should expect high quality food at a reasonable price and at the same time you are supporting the education and experience of tomorrows leaders in the local culinary industry. We look forward to when we can have our guests come back and experience fine dining at Pino Alto, located on the beautiful Cabrillo College campus. The restaurant’s relaxed, welcoming decor and view of the spacious Sesnon House land creates the perfect space to enjoy comfort with friends or family. Or spend a casual evening out dining on the spacious terrace overlooking the expansive backyard. Our beautiful setting is still open and accessible for those that would like to enjoy it, unfortunately for right now we cannot serve you in our backyard but you are welcome to come and pick up food and enjoy it outside Sesnon House

Soon when this pandemic allows you will be able to enjoy soup, salad, and a selection of rotating fresh and locally sourced entrees and desserts inside the gorgeous and Historic Sesnon House.


Sesnon House

Named in 1911, Pino Alto is located in Cabrillo College’s beautiful and historic Sesnon House. The uniquely Californian design integrates Moorish, Mission, and American architectural styles.
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Check back soon. Currently we are not able to host events on campus, if you have ideas of events that perhaps we could be your source of food for – please don’t hesitate to contact us with your request. 


Teaching Kitchen

Pino Alto is the local restaurant on the Cabrillo College campus, fully operated and with meals prepared by the talented students and expert instructors in the Culinary Arts department. Students in the program earn credits by participating in lectures and extensive hands-on labs, preparing them for a successful career in the culinary and hospitality fields. While Pino Alto is a teaching kitchen, you can expect high-quality meals, professional service, and a fantastic dining experience.