Pino Alto is located in Cabrillo College’s beautiful and historic Sesnon House. The spacious, ocean view property was purchased by Benjamin and Kate Porter in 1858, and it was rebuilt when their child, Mary, married William T. Sesnon of San Francisco. The Sesnon family built their elegant sun-filled summer home, which they named Pino Alto in 1911. The Californian architecture integrates Moorish, Mission, and American styles.

After World War II, the Sesnon family sold the home and it was maintained as a seminary and school until 1978, when Cabrillo College purchased the property. The remodeled building was used as a community center before it was severely damaged in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake and closed for several years.

Fortunately, the historic home was renovated to its present elegance with funds from the college, the community, and Sesnon family members, reopening in September 1997. Today it serves as an integral part of Cabrillo College and the CAHM program, housing and serving a refined and relaxed dining experience at Pino Alto.