Dinner Menu

Spring New Releases Spring 2020

Student Designed Menu

Wednesday – Friday, 5:30 – 8:00 pm

This menu runs from March  11th – April 2nd


Shiitake-Chive Fried Dumplings

Fried dumplings with shiitake mushroom, Asian vegetables and chive filling. With a traditional chili oil sauce


Tuna Tartar

Argentine style yellowfin tuna tartar with smoked paprika oil


Hummus Flatbread

Garlic chickpea hummus topped with spinach, tomato, and sautéed mushrooms, served with in-house yogurt flatbread


Soup & Salad 

Liquid Caprese

Caprese salad with a twist. Fresh mozzarella, tomato, sponge, roasted tomatoes, with hot tomato dashi broth poured over


Seasonal Watercress Salad

Spinach, radicchio, watercress, mushroom, asparagus, citrus vinaigrette



Entrees (all come with bread, soup or salad, & intermezzo)

Pan-fried Halibut with Compressed Cucumbers

Pan-fried Halibut, lemon jelly, fresh avocado, with fingerling potatoes


Grilled Scallops and Truffle Pea Puree

Grilled scallops and crispy rice medallions on truffle pea puree


Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb

Roasted lamb rack with lamb jus, carrot vichy, and roasted beets on creamy truffle polenta


Kumquat Glazed Mary’s Chicken

Mary’s chicken with fragrant herbs on celery root and cauliflower puree


Soba Noodles

Miso buttered buckwheat noodles, asparagus, maitake mushrooms, fried egg, and togarashi jaew



Come dine at our house … the Sesnon House.


*Note, the consumption of raw or under cooked shellfish and meats may increase your risk for foodborne illness



All dishes are prepared and served by the Cabrillo College culinary arts advanced class.