Dinner Menu

 Pino Alto is open for Dinners for the Spring 2019 semester   

Open for Dinner Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

5:30 – 8:00 pm.


Mediterranean Tapas Menu
Student Inspired!
Del Mar
Calamari a la Plancha  7
Seared calamari with garlic, red pepper, olive oil and parsley


Vieiras a la Parrilla – Spain  12
Grilled scallops Tomato and red pepper salsa


Pulpo a la Parrilla – Spain  10
Sous vide Spanish octopus, new potatoes, and aioli


Almejas al Vapor Estilo Vasco con Chorizo – Spain  9
Basque style steamed clams with chorizo

De La Tierra

Albóndigas de Cordero – Spain  8
Lamb meatballs with caper, basil and mint tomato sauce


Grilled Lamb Sis Kebabi – Turkey  9
Current and pine nut pilaf


Casa Blanca Pork Tenderloin – Morocco  10
Spice marinated grilled pork, flatbread, grilled haloumi and yogurt


Moussaka – Greece  8
Beef, eggplant and béchamel casserole


Desde el Gallinero
Chicken Tagine – Morocco  15
Spiced chicken thighs braised with tomatoes, cauliflower, saffron and preserved lemons.
Apricot tabbouleh with cilantro and toasted almonds  (larger plate)


Mediterranean Slow Roasted Duck with Olives – Provence  12
Crispy duck leg and pitted olives


Croquettes de Pollo con Jamon – Spain  7
Chicken and prosciutto


Huevos Endiablos – Spain  5
Deviled eggs with chorizo


Desde el Jardin
Papas Rotas – Spain  5
Smashed potatoes with smoked paprika aioli

Falafel – Israel  7
Chickpea fritters on fresh vegetable salad and Greek yogurt


Ensalada De Berenjenas a la Parrilla – Spain  9
Grilled Eggplant and arugula salad with basil, tomato vinaigrette, and feta cheese (larger plate)


Tortilla de Patatas – Spain  6
Traditional potatoes and egg with tomato sauce


De la Pastelería
Baklava – Greece  6
Filo pastry layered with walnuts and cinnamon, citrus syrup


Apricot and Frangipane Tart – France  6


Crêpes with Vanilla and Honey Frozen Yogurt – France  6
Honey drizzle and fresh strawberries


Strawberry Orange Granita – Italy  6


Wednesdays and Thursdays only, 5:30–8:00 PM

Come dine at our house … the Sesnon House.

All dishes are prepared and served by the Cabrillo College culinary arts advanced class.

*Note, the consumption of raw or under cooked shellfish and meats may increase your risk for food borne illness.